HCG Complex Supporting Products

HCG Complex is the top rated HCG drops on the market. These drops have helped numerous people be successful while on the HCG diet to shed lots of weight and to keep it off. Besides the HCG Complex drops though, there are other products that can help before and after the diet.

Colonew is a colon cleaning product that should be used about seven to ten days before the start of the HCG diet and using HCG Complex. Colonew helps remove toxic cell buildup from the colon which will lead to the building up of healthy new cells and improve the function of the old existing cells. It also helps water absorption in the intestine, helps with absorption of nutrients, and improves digestion. Colonew should be taken twice a day with a full glass of water. Both times should happen about thirty minutes before eating.

After using Colonew, HCG Complex should be used. These drops are used during phases one and two of the diet three times a day thirty minutes before meals. HCG Complex helps reset the metabolism so that it works faster. It helps burn fat and helps retain muscle. HCG Complex should only be used during the HCG diet.

After the HCG diet and the use of HCG Complex, Razburn can be used. This product will help curb hunger while providing energy. This is a really great product to take during the maintenance (phase four) phase of the HCG diet. It will help maintain that high metabolism that was established during the diet. Razburn should be taken twice a day.

The HCG diet is very successful when it comes to helping people lose a lot of weight very fast using these weight loss drops. To help with that weight loss, use Colonew before the diet, HCG Complex during, and Razburn after. With the help of these products, the weight will come off and stay off!


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